Club Philosophy

Old Boys AFC Football Philosophy

A club philosophy gives us direction and a map; it brings consistency and reduces uncertainty for coaches, managers, parents and players. It sets club standards and a style of play.

A player’s enjoyment grows with an increase in their skills and technique. In playing the game we must encourage creativity and problem solving valuable attributes in life and not just in sport.

An obsession with winning in junior football is detrimental to a young player’s long-term development. Our society greatly values success but places too much emphasis on short-term success. This comes at the expense of player development and longer-term goals.

Success is more than wins versus losses; it is in developing young footballers’ skill levels, creativity and ability to read games. It is in the enjoyment of their game.

If our children are encouraged to become skilful and creative players, they’ll have more to contribute to the game and will enjoy it more as a result. They’ll be set for a lifelong love of the game and will develop a long-term attachment to football.

New Zealand football faces a generational change and we are moving toward a stronger and better standard of football. In the quest to develop better players, we’ve long recognised traditional New Zealand strengths of sheer athleticism and fighting spirit. To that we must add enjoyment, technique, skill and game intelligence.

This is the vision every member of Old Boys AFC is committed to achieving.

Old Boys AFC Club Philosophy

Old Boys AFC is a family orientated club with a fun friendly atmosphere with the best football facilities in Southland. The club provides teams for boys, girls, women and men at all levels of competition.

Old Boys AFC has the best coaches in Southland who are passionate about football and passionate about developing the young talent in the area. The club is aware of the talent which exists in Southland and are the club to harness and develop this talent.

Old Boys AFC is a very progressive, professionally administered organisation with high quality coaches and a commitment to continued development.

Old Boys AFC hopes to make a positive contribution to football in Southland and New Zealand. The game is a wonderful social activity with a great sense of community. It encourages friendships and networks across a wide range of players and their parents. It is crucial we recognise the wider meaning of sport and the positive and encouraging involvement of our sons and daughters.