The following are the Junior OB Teams and contact details for the 2017 season:

Grade Team Coach/Manager Contact
5th & 6th First Kicks Chris Thomas
7th & 8th Fun Football Frank O'Boyle
9th Old Boys Jets Steve Oliver
9th Old Boys Madrid Andy Doherty
10th Old Boys Tigers Gary Pilsworth
10th Old Boys Pumas Jared Cuff
10th Old Boys Roar Grant Wilkin
10th Old Boys Falcons Tim Kennett
10th Old Boys Falcons Sander Meijer
11th Old Boys Crusaders Ian Thomson
11th Old Boys Comets Bryan Stout
11th Old Boys Thunder Mark Bell
11th Old Boys Thunder Andrew Elder
12th Old Boys Knights Theo White
12th Old Boys Phoenix Jordan Peipi
13th & 14th Old Boys United Bruce McCrone
13th & 14th Old Boys Stormers Gavin Hawke & damian Pirini
13th & 14th Old Boys Glory Gary Pilsworth
13th & 14th Old Boys Glory Scott Faithful
15th & 16th Old Boys Speedsters Warren Miller



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