Live Updates

I forgot to mention Joel’s missed chance. One on one with keeper but it ‘flew’ over the bar. He has some ‘engine’. We only have him for a couple more games before he ‘takes off’ and leaves ‘on a jet plane’ to Christchurch to start his job as a pilot for Air NZ.

But the lads will help keep his ‘feet on the ground’. Well done Joel.

The only time ‘Joel’ switched off was when an Air NZ ATR flew over during first half and he paused to admire the plane. Well deserved. His head will ‘be in the clouds’ with his Man of the Match.

Man of the Match was Joel Fletcher who was unstoppable in second half. He ‘flew’ down the right ‘wing’ on numerous occasions. Sometimes he eased up on the ‘yoke’ when he should have gone hard.

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